Sing All Love

Sing All Love (Chihara Minori)

released 2010.02.17
4800 yen

This CD+BD package contains a solo album by Chihara Minori (茅原実里).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Kakusei Filament (覚醒フィラメント)
  2. Final Moratorium
  3. Tomorrow's chance
  4. Kakikake no Destiny (書きかけの Destiny)
  5. Kodoku no Kesshou (孤独の結晶)
  6. Love Medicine*
  7. Amaoto no Veil (雨音のベール)
  8. tea for two
  10. Sakura Pierce (サクラピアス)
  11. Falling heaven's now
  12. Flame
  13. Perfect energy
  14. sing for you
Minori wrote the lyrics to "sing for you".

The Bluray disc contains a 120 minute video of Minori's first outdoor live, "Summer Camp".

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