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  • Alice in Cyberland radio drama CD 2

    「ありすインサイバーランド」ラジオドラマCD vol 2

    Warner Music Japan WPC6-8249
    released 1997.02.25
    3000 yen

    This CD contains audio drama and vocals for Alice in Cyberland.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Rena no Dive In! (麗奈のダイブイン!)
    2. 5th Night. Sargasso no Uwasa (第5夜:サルガッソーの噂)
    3. 6th Night. Ura Cyberland no Himitsu (第6夜:裏サイバーランドの秘密)
    4. 7th Night. Labyrinth (第7夜:ラビリンス)
    5. 8th Night. Densetsu, Soshite.. (第8夜:伝説、そして…)
    6. Kimi ni Aete Yokatta (ED) [sung by Juri/Miyamura Yuko]
      君に会えて良かった [樹莉/宮村優子]
    7. Set Me More Free [sung by Rena/Araki Kae]
      Set Me More Free [麗奈/荒木香恵]

    The first pressing of this CD comes in a cardboard box, and a script for the drama.

    The CD has pictures of the three girls, in their battle outfits.

    The major characters of Alice in Cyberland is as follows.

    Minazuki AliceAsada Yoko
    Yagami JuriMiyamura Yuko
    Ohtori RenaAraki Kae
    Takasugi KaoriKakinuma Shino
    RuciaInoue Kikuko

    Track 1 is a self-introduction by Rena, and a simple introduction that leads into the drama.

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