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  • Cherry Princess III

    Cherry Princess III 〜花の咲く日々〜

    Pioneer PICA-1135
    2600 yen
    released 1997.03.26

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. episode 1. Obanaya Soudou [zenpen] (尾花屋騒動[前編])
    2. episode 2. Obanaya Soudou [kouhen] (尾花屋騒動[後編])
    3. episode 3. Cherry Blossom Jou no Kage (チェリーブロッサム城の影)
    4. episode 4. Sekibetsu Hinagiku (惜別ひなぎく)
    5. episode 5. Fuyu Shougun to Sono Nakamatachi (冬将軍とその仲間たち)
    6. episode 6. Princess Mezame no Shou (プリンセスめざめの章)
    7. episode 7. Seisen Cherry Land (聖戦チェリーランド)
    8. episode 8. Kessen Hana Awase (決戦花あわせ)
    9. Don't Forget Me
    10. staff credits
    11. Cherry Princess Bangaihen (Cherry Princess 番外編)
    12. Haru ha Kuru! (春は来る!)

    The first pressing of this CD comes with a very nice, sturdy cardboard box (not flimsy like most of the other CD boxes) big enough to hold all three Cherry Princess CDs. The front of the box has a picture of Sakurai Tomo dressed as Toshi (wearing kimono and holding sword), along with a drawing of the other characters.

    The CD itself is yellow, and has a picture of Hisou and Asou on it.

    Tracks 9 and 12 are vocals, sung by Sakurai Tomo (桜井智). Don't Forget Me is a nice ballad, and Haru ha Kuru! is an upbeat song.

    The cast of Cherry Princess is as follows.

    Hijikata ToshizouSakurai Tomo
    Okita SoushiNagasaki Moe
    Princess CherryNagasaki Moe
    Kondo IsamiYamagata Yukio
    HisoMoriya Hisoka
    AsoHashimoto Asobi
    Professor LilacTakenaka Shinichi
    HinagikuMaeda Michiko
    Fuyu ShougunIwase Yuuji
    Yukinko Gundan memberSatou Yoshiaki
    Yukinko Gundan memberHori Shiho
    Yukinko Gundan memberInotsume Naoyuki
    Shikuramen no AkiraKoyasu Takehito
    Prince Black CherryIshida Akira
    narrationOkano Kousuke

    Track 11 is a short drama which takes place after the end of the Cherry Princess drama, with Sakurai Tomo, Koyasu Takehito, Iwase Yuuji, Satou Yoshiaki, and Okano Kousuke. It ends by Toshi (Sakurai Tomo) saying he will sing, and leads into track 12.

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