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  • Pocket Love

    Angel Voice Memorial vol. 1

    First Smile Entertainment FSCA-10027
    released 1998.01.21
    2548 yen (5% tax included)
    total time 57:01

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. 5:06 Taiyou ni Kiss! (太陽にキッス!) [Iwao Junko, Hikami Kyoko]

      Saiki Ruruna (佐伯るるな) Reading Story

    2. 1:06 Jelly Bean Mitaini Amaku
    3. 15:23 Babylon Saihou

      Matsuda Yumi (松田由美) Reading Story

    4. 0:47 Lovely?
    5. 14:24 Raspberry

      Takemiya Saki (武宮沙貴) Reading Story

    6. 1:05 Mizube ni Utsuru Yume
    7. 15:03 Taikanshiki no Ningyo

    8. 4:07 Aeruto Omotteta -Pocket Love- (逢えると思ってた〜ポケットラブ〜) Re-Mix version [Miyamura Yuko]
    The first pressing of this CD comes with a hard cardboard box that can hold the set of three Angel Voice Memorial CDs.

    The booklet has a full page color picture of each character, and a small picture of the seiyuu.

    The first track and last track are vocals, and the other tracks are "reading stories".

    The cast is as follows.

    RurunaKouda Mariko
    YumiMiyamura Yuko
    SakiAsada Yoko

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