Princess Quest

Princess Quest

BMG Victor BVCH-1520
released 1996.07.24
2500 yen
total time around 58 minutes.

This drama CD contains all of the radio drama of Princess Quest.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Princess Quest episode 1
  2. Princess Quest episode 2
  3. Princess Quest episode 3
  4. Princess Quest episode 4

The main characters are as follows.

Custard ( Tange Sakura (ð) )
a very cute, airhead princess. she was stupid, simple minded, but can fall from a 30 story high place without getting killed. she can use a little bit of magic.
Millefeuille ( Shiratori Yuri (ĻͳΤ) )
a cute, kind princess. she was shy and didn't really want to become the queen. she became shy just thinking about the night of the honeymoon.
Gelado ( Tomizawa Michie (ҷ) )
a warrior princess. she was very simple minded, and just wanted to fight. she only had a picture of Tapioka, but really wanted to become the queen.
Pannakotta ( Inoue Kikuko (׻) )
a very intelligent, very polite princess. she also can use some strong attack magic. she was slightly boke.
Chelos ( Orikasa Ai (޳ް) )
a sneaky princess, who was trying to get rid of the other princesses. she wanted the power of being the queen. she also was a SM lesbian who loved Millefeuille..
Pepii ( Iwao Junko (˽) )
a very strict caretaker of princess Custard. she was slightly hysterical, because Custard was so stupid.

Some of the highlights (^_^;;) are as follows.

There is a flashback scene: Millefeuille and Chelos were little kids, and while they were playing Millefeuille whipped Chelos, and Chelos loved Millefeuille ever since..

Whenever Custard got injured, Millefeuille called one of her spirits to cure her.. by licking her. "Aan aan.."

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