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  • Den'ei Shoujo Original Soundtrack

    Den'ei Shoujo Original Soundtrack

    released 1992.03.27
    3000 yen

    This CD contains vocals and BGM for the OVA Den'ei Shoujo (電影少女) Video Girl Ai.

    The tracks are as folows.

    1. Ureshi Namida (うれし涙) [Sakai Noriko]
    2. Ano Hini (あの日に) [Kimura Maki]
    3. Ashita ha Ashita (明日は明日) [Katsura Masakazu]
    4. Message (メッセージ) [Nav Katze]
    5. Glass Moon (硝子 Moon) [Sudou Mayumi]
    6. Theme of Takashi
    7. Kanashimi no Tamashii wo Tsumugumono
    8. Master of Gokuraku
    9. Searching for Ai
    10. Sukinandesu (好きなんです) [Kimura Maki]
    Songs by Sakai Noriko, Kimura Maki, and others.

    The lyrics booklet contains some rough storyboards and color screen shots from the anime.

    The CD itself has a color picture of Ai and some other images of the Video Girl Ai characters.

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