released 2004.07.28
3200 yen

This is the first album by the seiyuu group Drops.

This package contains a CD and a DVD.

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. overture
  2. 恋のアメリカン・フットボール
  3. ふられ気分でRock'n'Roll
  4. 渋滞のLove Affair
  5. バカップル
  6. After the rain
  7. あなたが...すき
  8. 愛がなきゃ!!
  9. ☆まか▽メチャ 不思議パラダイス
  10. Always with you
  11. 恋のアメリカン・フットボール Re-Mix Ver.
  12. ふられ気分でRock'n'Roll Re-Mix Ver.
The DVD contains around 45 minutes of dance lessons, rehearsals, backstage shots, and clips from the Drops 2nd single event (May 8, 2004). All of the songs on the DVD are the performances from the event.

The contents are as follows.

the girls and staff at a meeting for the event 2:50
dance lessons in a studio 9:35
preparations for the event, rehearsals for the event 6:35
Furare Kibun de Rock'n Roll 4:00
Anataga.. Suki (+some dance lesson scenes) 4:15
Bakappuru (+some backstage scenes +dance lessons) 8:30
Furare Kibun de Rock'n Roll (ending credits over the screen) 5:20
Koi no American Football (encore) 4:00

The group Droups is made up of the following members, Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子), Kaneda Tomoko, Kanda Akemi (神田朱未), Nonaka Ai (野中藍), Shiraishi Ryouko (白石涼子).

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