Furare Kibun de Rock'n Roll

ふられ気分で Rock'n Roll (Drops)

released 2004.04.28
1890 yen

This was the second CDsingle for the seiyuu group Drops.

This is a CD and DVD package.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. ふられ気分で Rock'n Roll (Furare Kibun de Rock'n Roll)
  2. あなたが...すき (Anataga .. suki)
  3. ふられ気分で Rock'n Roll (off vocal version)
  4. あなたが...すき (off vocal version)
The DVD contains the music video for the song "Furare Kibun de Rock'n Roll", and some "making of" clips for the video. The total time of the DVD is around 8 minutes 30 seconds.

The promo video has the girls in their street clothes singing and dancing on the roof of a building.

The group Droups is made up of the following members, Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子), Kaneda Tomoko, Kanda Akemi (神田朱未), Nonaka Ai (野中藍), Shiraishi Ryouko (白石涼子).

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