ef -a tale of memories Original Soundtrack

ef -a tale of memories
Original Soundtrack

released 2008.02.08
3000 yen

This is the soundtrack to the TV anime ef -a tale of memories.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Less than 45sec.
  2. Holy day
  3. Church's bell
  4. Meets girl
  5. Snowly star
  6. A sheep as for lamb
  7. I'm here (TV-EDIT cho.1) [Taguchi Hiroko]
  8. Single line
  9. Unattended Station
  10. Handing over
  11. Stay with...
  12. Euphoric night
  13. Kizamu Kisetsu (TV-EDIT cho.1) [Okada Junko]
  14. Every morning
  15. A moon filled sky ARmix
  16. Free and easy ARmix
  17. Promise
  18. Secret story
  19. The diary
  20. Sorrowful feather C2Rmix
  21. Impulsive step
  22. Sora no Yume (TV-EDIT cho.1) [Yanase Natsumi]
  23. Junior girl ARmix
  24. Shiny walking
  25. Deep thinking
  26. sUnexpected
  27. Early days
  28. Bad friend ARmix
  29. Mistake
  30. Early Childhood ARmix
  31. euphoric field (English TV-EDIT cho.1) [Elisa]
There are four short vocal tracks, and the rest of the tracks are BGM.

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