Apple Mint

Apple Mint (Uchida Aya)

released 2014.11.12
3685 yen+tax

This CD+bluray package contains the debut solo album by Uchida Aya (内田彩).

The CD tracks are as follows.

  1. アップルミント (Apple Mint)
  2. Breezin'
  3. Sweet Rain
  4. One Way
  5. Growing Going
  6. オレンジ (Orange)
  7. キックとパンチどっちがいい (Kick to Punch docchi ga ii)
  8. Merry Go
  9. ピンク・マゼンダ (Pink Mazenda)
  10. 泣きべそパンダはどこへ行った (Nakibeso Panda ha doko he itta)
  11. ドーナツ (Donuts)
The bluray contains around 28 minutes of video.
  • promo video of "Apple Mint"
  • recording and making of video
The lyrics booklet also contains several color photos of Aya.
There were advertisements for this CD in Akihabara at Gamers, Toranoana, and Animate.

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