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  • Believers ING

    Believers ING (Tokimeki Idol Project)

    released 2019.03.13
    1600 yen+tax

    This CD contains character songs for the game Tokimeki Idol.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Believers-ING! [Kawaida Natsumi, Aoyama Yoshino, Takagi Yurika]
    2. Magic Hour [Inagawa Eri]
    3. Motto! Motto! Tokimeki [Takagi Yurika]
    4. Believers-ING! (Kawaguchi Natsumi version) [Kawaida Natsumi]
    5. Believers-ING! (Aoyama Tsubasa version) [Aoyama Yoshino]
    6. Believers-ING! (Sanada Koyukimura version) [Takagi Yurika]
    7. Believers-ING! (Game version)
    8. Magic Hour (Game version)
    9. Motto! Motto! Tokimeki (Game version)
    10. Believers-ING! (Kawaguchi Natsumi Game version)
    11. Believers-ING! (Aoyama Tsubasa Game version)
    12. Believers-ING! (Sanada Koyukimura Game version)
    13. Believers-ING! (Off Vocal)
    14. Magic Hour (Off Vocal)
    15. Motto! Motto! Tokimeki (Off Vocal)
    Songs by the following cast.

    Kawaguchi NatsumiKawaida Natsumi
    Aoyama TsubasaAoyama Yoshino
    Sanada KoyukimuraTakagi Yurika
    Katagiri NananaInagawa Eri

    This is the fifth CD for this game.

    The singers for each line of the songs is marked in the lyrics booklet.

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