Gabriel Drop Kick

Gabriel Drop Kick

released 2017.02.22
1200 yen+tax

This CD contains the opening song to the TV anime Gabriel Dropout.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Gabriel Drop Kick (ガヴリールドロップキック)
  2. Hanten Devil & Angel (反転 Devil&Angel)
  3. Gabriel Drop Kick (instrumental)
  4. Hanten Devil & Angel (instrumental)
Songs by the following characters (seiyuu).

GabrielTomita Miyu
VignetteOhnishi Saori
SataniaOhzora Naomi
RaphielHanazawa Kana

"Gabriel Drop Kick" sung by all four characters, "Hanten Devil & Angel" sung by Gabriel and Vignette.

The lyrics are color coded for the singers of each line.

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