Natsuzora Shining

Natsuzora Shining

released 2020.06.17
2200 yen+tax

This CD contains character songs for the game Tokimeki Idol.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. 财鄂 Shining
  2. My Dear...
  3. 财鄂 Shining (Game Ver.)
  4. My Dear... (Game Ver.)
  5. 财鄂 Shining (Mita Rare Ver.)
  6. 财鄂 Shining (Asagiri Haruko Ver.)
  7. 财鄂 Shining (Mita Rare Game Ver.)
  8. 财鄂 Shining (Asagiri Haruko Game Ver.)
  9. 财鄂 Shining (Off Vocal)
  10. My Dear... (Off Vocal)
Songs by the following cast.

Mita RareKanada Aki
Asagiri HarukoHayase Marika

The unit Virtual Kiss made up of Kanada Aki and Hayase Marika.

This is the 9th single for Tokimeki Idol.

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