Sabagebu! Character Song 1

Sabagebu! Character Song 1 Sonokawa Momoka

released 2014.10.01
1300 yen+tax

This CD contains character songs and audio drama for the TV anime Sabagebu (さばげぶっ).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. I Need "Jyu"! [Ohhashi Ayaka]
  2. Lonely Dolls [Ohhashi Ayaka, Touyama Nao]
  3. I Need "Jyu"! (Off Vocal)
  4. Lonely Dolls (Off Vocal)
  5. [drama] Momoka hen
  6. [drama] Saba Genger hen 01
Songs by Ohhashi Ayaka (大橋彩香) and Touyama Nao (東山奈央).
For "Lonely Dolls" the lyrics sheet marks which lines are sung by each seiyuu.

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