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  • Starting Gate 09

    Starting Gate 09

    released 2018.03.14
    2300 yen+tax

    This CD contains songs and audio drama for the game Uma Musume Pretty Derby (ウマ娘 プリティーダービー).

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. [drama] Dear Trainer -opening-
    2. [song] うまぴょい伝説 (Fine Motion, Mejiro Ryan, Smart Falcon)
    3. [drama] Dear Trainer -これがアピール必勝法!-
    4. [drama] Dear Trainer -Mejiro Ryan-
    5. [song] 希望ディスカバリー (Mejiro Ryan)
    6. [drama] Dear Trainer -高嶺の花と壁の花-
    7. [drama] Dear Trainer -Smart Falcon-
    8. [song] 全速!前進!ウマドルパワー☆ (Smart Falcon)
    9. [drama] Dear Trainer -となりの青い芝生-
    10. [drama] Dear Trainer -Fine Motion-
    11. [song] 恋する世界 (Fine Motion)
    12. [drama] Dear Trainer -ending-
    13. [song] 青春が待ってる (Fine Motion, Merjiro Ryan, Smart Falcon)
    Songs by Hashimoto Chinami, Hashi Afumi, Ohwada Hitomi

    The cast for the songs and drama is as follows.

    Fine MotionHashimoto Chinami
    Mejiro RyanHashi Afumi
    Smart FalconOhwada Hitomi
    Special WeekWaki Azumi
    Silent SuzukaKouno Marika
    Toukai TeioMachico

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