XOXOXO (Kiss Kiss Kiss)

XOXOXO (Kiss Kiss Kiss)

Starchild KICM-91095
released 2004.01.21
1980 yen

Starchild KICM-1095
released 2004.01.21
1050 yen

This CD+DVD is the second solo single by Ĺ߷ (Nagasawa Nao).

These songs are the OP and ED songs to the anime Misaki Chronicles.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. XOXOXO (Kiss Kiss Kiss)
  2. SORA
  3. XOXOXO (off vocal)
  4. SORA (off vocal)
The first pressing (KICM-91095) comes in a trifold case with a DVD in addition to the CD. The DVD contains a 5 minute promo video of XOXOXO, a 15 second CM (commercial) of XOXOXO, a 30 second CM, and an ad for the NN BOX (Nagasawa Nao DVD Box).