NONE Bertemu (林原めぐみ)

King Records KICS-590
3000 yen
released 1996.11.01

This is a solo album by Hayashibara Megumi (林原めぐみ).

The songs are as follows

  1. Give a Reason
  2. Touch Yourself
  3. Hanareteitemo (はなれていても)
  4. Zankoku na Tenshi no Teeze (残酷な天使のテーゼ) [Ayanami Version]
  5. Midnight Blue
  6. Matsuri Uta (まつりうた)
  7. Shakunetsu no Koi (灼熱の恋)
  8. Life
  9. Fly Me To The Moon [Ayanami Version]
  10. Shining Girl
  11. Nostalgic Lover
  12. Too Late [New Version]
  13. Going History
  14. Cherish Christmas
The lyrics booklet has many color pictures.

The first pressing comes with the following goodies.
  • 40 page (all color) picture booklet with hard cover
  • deluxe cardboard case for the CD case and booklet
[Bertemu booklet]

Most of these songs are from anime or radio drama (Slayers, Evangelion, Blue Seed, Tekkaman Blade).

Megumi wrote the lyrics to Touch Yourself, Matsuri Uta, and Cherish Christmas.

In the Oricon album chart this CD climed to number 3 by selling 101,280 in it's first week (1996.11.11). It sold 43,650 in it's second week, and stayed in the top 10 at number 6.

H.Doi's opinions

In general Megumi's songs for these anime are getting closer and closer to main stream popular music. I like some of the songs, and there isn't much that I dislike, but it is kind of boring.

I still prefer Enfleurage.

Sebastien's opinions

Fantastic ! This album is fantastic !! This album not contains a default song. For me "Bertemu" is 2nd favorite album. "Hanareteitemo" is perfect : the melody is totally beautiful and Megumi did play this song perfectly. A must !!! "Matsuri Uta" is the vocal version with lyrics from a "BLUE SEED" BGM (this BGM and vocal song without lyrics are avalaible on the album "BLUE SEED ONGAKU HEN Vol. 3").

On this album, there's an Ayanami Rei's version of "Zankoku Na Tenshi no Te-Ze" and "Fly Me To The Moon" ; Megumi did played very well those songs as Rei-chan's voice. The best song of this album is "Midnight Blue".

"Bertemu" is a word from Indonesia, but I do not know the equivalent in English.

My Top 5 ranking : 5, 3, 6, 1, 8.

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