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  • Shamrock

    NONE Shamrock (Ӹᤰ)

    King Records KICS-345
    3000 yen
    released 1993.08.21

    This is a solo album by Hayashibara Megumi.

    The songs are as follows.

    1. Ganbatte!
    2. COMET rendez-vous
    4. 4 Gatsu no Yuki
    5. Yume wo Dakishimete
    6. ROCK de Ikou
    7. Only One
    9. DON'T SIGH
    10. Suki Yori Daisuki Minky Smile
    11. Lullaby * A-ge-ta-i
    12. OUR GOOD DAY... Bokura no GOOD DAY
    13. In The Fluffy MOON Nite
    15. Sad Man
    The lyrics booklet has many color pictures.

    The first pressing comes with the following goodies.

    • 40 page (color and b/w) picture booklet with hard cover

    Sebastien's opinions

    "Shamrock" is the 1st Hayashibara's I bought, so I have a special affection of it. There's somes songs which the kind are for very little childrens. However, unlike "Half &, Half", those songs are from Minky Momo's album, and the melody is very well.

    "In The Fluffy Moon Nite" is the English version of the "Bannou Bunka NekoMusume" 's ending theme (The Japansese version's title is : Haru Neko Fushigi Tsukiyo").

    My top 5 ranking : 6, 7, 12, 1, 11.

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