NONE Sphere (林原めぐみ)

King Records KICS-430
3000 yen
released 1994.07.02

This is the fifth solo album by Hayashibara Megumi (林原めぐみ).

The songs are as follows.

  1. Until Strawberry Sherbet
  2. Dance with me... Saigo no Paradise (Dance with me... 最後の楽園)
  3. Hoshi wo Tobi Koete (星を飛び越えて)
  4. Yume Hikou (夢飛行)
  5. Bon Voyage!
  6. Living in the Same Time - Onaji Toki wo Ikite -
  7. Yume Hurry Up (夢 Hurry Up)
  8. Sunaona Kimochi (素直な気持ち)
  9. Nakeba Ii No (泣けばいいの)
  10. Ashita Smile (明日 Smile)
  11. Hoshi no Nai Yoru he (星のない夜へ)
  12. Be Natural
  13. Ruseau no Mori/Chagall no Sora (ルソーの森/シャガールの空)
The lyrics booklet has many color pictures.

The first pressing comes with the following goodies.
  • A cardboard box case.
  • A 32 page color picture booklet.
  • A 20 page booklet with many black and white pictures, and comical drawings by Megumi.
[Sphere booklet]

Megumi talked about the picture booklet on the 1994.07.02 broadcast of her radio show, Tokyo Boogie Night.

Sebastien's opinions

If you don't have "Sphere", you must possess it. This 5th Hayashibara's album is very, very, very good. Melodies are very great. "Ashita Smile" is my favorite Hayashibara's ; the melody is so agreeable! But somes others songs are pleasent too : "Sunaona Kimochi" is a very sweet song, "Living in the same time" and "Be Natural" are excellent too. The last track (Ruseau no Mori / Chagall no Sora) is excellent if you are stress. There's somes waves noises...

But this album contains also a default. "Hoshi no Nai Yoru He" is horrible. The melody is very bad and the finish is unrefined. I hate this song.

My top 5 ranking : 10, 7, 6, 12, 13.

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