Vintage A

Vintage A (林原めぐみ)

Starchild KICS-810
3780 yen
released 2000.06.21

This is a compilation CD by Hayashibara Megumi (林原めぐみ).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Yoake No Shooting Star
  2. Watashi Ni Happy Birthday
  3. Ganbatte !
  4. Machi He Deyou
  5. Fuwari
  7. Bon Voyage !
  8. Tokyo Boogie Night
  9. Hesitation
  10. Manatsu No Valentine
  11. Dance With Me... Saigo No Paradise
  12. Kokoro No Planet
  13. Good Luck !
  14. Tamashii No Refrain
  16. Thirty
  17. Kimi No Answer
The CD cames with a video "O'Takara Video 2". This is the King Records and Hayashibara Megumi's best song selection, this time from album ("VINTAGE S" is from single). This is also, the more longer Hayashibara's album (17 tracks). All song are from older album, except the track 9: "Hesitation" is from an anime album.

Tracks 10 and 17 are from "Half &, Half"
Tracks 01 and 08 are from "Whatever"
Tracks 02 and 06 are from "Perfume"
Track 03 is from "Shamrock"
Tracks 07 and 11 are from "Sphere"
Tracks 04 and 12 are from "Enfleurage"
Track 15 is from "Bertemu"
Tracks 13, 14 and 16 are from "Iravati"
Track 5 is from "Fuwari"

Sebastien's opinion

The choice is excellent, except "Machi He Deyou". It would be good if "Ashita Smile" (Sphere) could be introduce it (;_;).

[Information provided by Sebastien Jarry]

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