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  • Cream Soda and Gimlet CD Cocktail volume 1

    クリームソーダとギムレットCDカクテル volume 1

    Media Remoras MRCA-20096
    2800 yen
    released 1996.08.21

    This CD is set up like their radio show, which is just a lot of talking at a bar. There were some short skits too.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Opening "Shot Bar Gimlet he Youkoso!"
    2. Talk "Naniga Attanda, Kyoko" (トーク「なにがあったんだ,Kyoko」)
    3. Conte 1 (コント1)
    4. Talk "Hito Mishiri tte, Donna Shiri? (トーク「人見知りって,どんな尻?」)
    5. Sekai Ichi ni Aisteru (Shibahara Chiyako)
      世界一に愛してる (芝原チヤコ)
    6. Kyoko no Virtual Gimlet (Kyoko のバーチャル・ギムレット)
    7. Talk "Master, Tsukaretenai?" (トーク「マスター,疲れてない?」)
    8. Akira no Virtual Gimlet (Akira のバーチャル・ギムレット)
    9. Talk "Suggoi Hazukashii Hanashi" (トーク「すっごい恥ずかしい話」)
    10. Conte 2 (コント2)
    11. Talk "Jun-chan ga Kita!" (トーク「潤ちゃんが来た!」)
    12. Chako no Virtual Gimlet (Chako のバーチャル・ギムレット)
    13. Talk "Majimena Shigoto no Hanashi" (トーク「真面目な仕事の話」)
    14. Good ni Ikiyou (Akira & Kyoko)
      Good に生きよう (ステア[Akira & Kyoko])
    15. Minna de Virtual Gimlet (みんなでバーチャル・ギムレット)
    16. Talk "Jun-chan no Risou no Dansei" (トーク「潤ちゃんの,理想の男性」)
    17. Conte 3 (コント3)
    18. Talk ".. Kesshite Koukai Shinaikoto"
    19. Ending "Onaka Suita.." (エンディング「お腹すいたぁ・・・」)
    The front cover has Ishida Akira (石田彰), Hikami Kyoko (氷上恭子), and Shibahara Chiyako at a bar. Akira is the master, Kyoko is the waitress, and Chiyako is the singer. The booklet also has more color pictures of the three.

    Iwao Junko (岩男潤子) was the guest, and she joined in from the middle of the CD.

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