for you for me

for you for me (久川綾)

VAP VPCG-84272
released 1996.03.01
3000 yen

This is a solo album by Hisakawa Aya (久川綾).

The songs are as follows.

  1. Rouge wo Hikouyo (ルージュをひこうよ)
  2. Wait For Me!
  3. Girl's Holiday
  4. Sugisarishi Kanashimitachihe (過ぎ去りし悲しみたちへ)
  5. Yatsu ha Sugoin da - He is a challenger -
    やつはスゴいんだ〜He is a challenger〜
  6. Sakura (サクラ)
  7. Akai Sports Car (赤いスポーツカー)
  8. Kono Michi ga Owaru Madeni (この遊歩道が終わるまでに)
  9. Okonomiyaki Go Go (お好み焼き Go Go)
  10. for you for me

The first pressing comes in a white, book-like case. There are many pictures of Hisakawa Aya in the lyrics booklet, which is attached to the case.

My impressions..

Rouge wo Hikouyo
An acapella.
Wait For Me!
A fast song, that she sang at her Christmas concert last year.
Girl's Holiday
A slow song, that she sings with her high voice.
Sugisarishi Kanashimitachihe
A slow song.
Yatsu ha Sugoin da - He is a challenger -
A fast, cheerful song.
A slow song.
Akai Sports Car
A bouncy song where she sings about her sports car. In the middle of the song, Aya talks about being confused while driving.
Kono Michi ga Owaru Madeni
A nice song with strong vocals and a good beat. The best song on this CD, and I can listen to this on repeat for a few hours. This is my favorite Hisakawa Aya solo song.
This song was released as a single on 1996.02.01.
Okonomiyaki Go Go
A medium tempo song.
for you for me
A slow song.. lyrics written by Aya. "Thank you for your love. Thank you for your heart."
Very nice overall, but I might like Hi-Ka-Ri a little bit more.

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