Hi - Ka - Ri

Hi-Ka-Ri (久川綾)

VAP VPCG-84247
released 1995.03.01
3000 yen

This is a solo album by Hisakawa Aya (久川綾).

The songs are as follows.

  1. Tila-so-Tilalifo - Kaze wo Kanjite - (Tila-so-Tilalifo〜風を感じて〜)
  2. Aoi Sora wo Dakishimetai (青い空を抱きしめたい)
  3. Shiny Day
  4. Piisuke no Uta (ピースケのうた)
  5. Mizu no Labyrinth (水のラビリンス)
  7. Jinsei, Matsuriya (人生、祭りやっっ)
  8. Akai Sunadokei (赤い砂時計)
  9. Rainy blue
  10. Sunday
  11. Hi-Ka-Ri
The lyrics booklet has many color pictures.

The first pressing comes with the following goodies.

  • all color 16 page picture book
  • color 4 page photo calendar
    the calendar is from April to November, and has Aya's birthday marked.
  • original box
Hisakawa Aya wrote the lyrics to all of the songs except for Tila-so-Tilalifo, Shiny Day, and HALLELUJAH.

This CD contains both of her singles, Aoi Sora wo Dakishimetai and Sunday.

H.Doi's opinions

I think this is Hisakawa Aya's best album. I didn't like any of her previous solo (non-anime related) stuff, but this one is good.

[It might be due to hearing a lot of these songs at her live concert.. ^_^;;]

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