Kokoro Made Dakishimeraretara

心まで抱きしめられたら (久川綾)

VAP VPCG-82108
released 1997.12.21
1600 yen
about 25 minutes

This is a maxi-single, with three new songs, and three extra versions of the main song by Hisakawa Aya (久川綾).

The songs are as follows.

  1. Kokoro Made Dakishimeraretara (心まで抱きしめられたら)
  2. Happy Dinner
  3. Smile (スマイル)
  4. Kokoro Made Dakishimeraretara [radio edit]
  5. Kokoro Made Dakishimeraretara [karaoke]
  6. Kokoro Made Dakishimeraretara [organ version]
The front cover has a picture of a short-haired Aya, wearing a large-neck, white sweater, the back cover a similar picture of her with a large white scarf. The CD itself is a picture CD with another similar picture.

It comes with a circular, CD-sized sticker with another smiliar picture. (I'm not sure what you are supposed to do with this... ^_^;)

The CD comes with a proof-of-purchase, which is to be used with a special postcard that will be included in the first pressing of Aya's new full CD, to be released in March 1998. 500 people who send in the proof-of-purchase with the postcard will win a special present.

[information provided by Joe Petrow.]

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