VAP VPCG-84627
released 1997.03.01
3000 yen

This is a "best of" type, compilation album for Hisakawa Aya (久川綾). Many of these songs were released on CD singles, but not on her previous albums.

The songs are as follows.

  1. Voice in the Paradise [rock version]
  2. Koi ha Kaze Makase (恋は風まかせ) [south wind version]
  3. Pancake Brunch (パンケーキ ブランチ)
  4. Tsuki to Taiyou no Meguri (月と太陽のめぐり)
  5. Dream of You
  6. Haruka na Kaze (遥かな風)
  7. Sora he.. (天(そら)へ...)
  8. Merry Christmas
  9. Hallelujah [bosanova Version]
  10. Daijoubu!! (だいじょーぶっっ!!)
  11. Happy Birthday To Love

Tsuki to Taiyou no Meguri and Haruka na Kaze are from the Lupin TV special, Dream of You is the ED of the OAV Kouryuu no Mimi. and Daijoubu!! is the theme song of the OAV Flag.

The two new songs are Pancake Brunch, which Aya wrote, and Happy Birthday To Love.

The first pressing of this CD comes with two telephone card sized cards with a color picture of Aya.

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