Aya -Toki wo Tsumuide-


VAP VPCG-84216
released 1993.12.21
3000 yen

This is the first full solo album by Hisakawa Aya (久川綾).

The songs are as follows.

  1. Kinmokusei (金木犀)
  2. Voice in the Paradise
  3. Koi wo Kazemakase (恋を風まかせ)
  4. Boku no Suki na Hito (僕の好きなひと)
  5. Omoide no Naka (おもいでのなか)
  6. Tsuki no Yoru ni (月の夜に)
  7. Small Hand
  8. Don't Worry and Believe My Love
  9. Take it Easy
  10. Toki wo Tsumuide (時間を紡いで)
Hisakawa Aya wrote the lyrics for tracks 1,6,7,8,9 and 10, and also did the musical composition for track 1.

The CD comes with a lyrics book that lists the lyrics in Hisakawa Aya's own handwriting. Within the lyrics book there is also a two page insert of diary entries regarding highlights of the album production, along with pictures of her working on and promoting her album. Throughout the book there are several pictures of Hisakawa Aya in various poses, as well as two Hisakawa Aya illustrations (a self portrait and her bird Pieske.)

Joe Petrow's comments

This album shows all the roughness one would expect from a first album, but also shines in many places. Boku no Suki na Hito features an extremely infectious rhythm and nice backup vocals, while Take it Easy is a great fast song that is best played very loud. Toki wo Tsumuide is a nine minute epic, powerfully sung emotionally packed song with an excellent musical score that is unfortunately ruined by a childish chorus (by Petite Angels) at the very end.

While I like her Hi-Ka-Ri album a little better, I still think this is a very good album that every Hisakawa Aya fan should have.

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