Hummingbird Grand Finale at Shibuya Koukaidou

ハミングバード Grand Finale at Shibuya Koukaidou

Toshiba-EMI TYCY-5462 TYCY-5463
3990 yen
released 1995.11.08

Playing time 44:17 (disk 1) and 61:47 (disk 2)
19 tracks, 13 vocals

This is a live CD by the seiyuu group Idol Boueitai Hummingbird.

The songs are as follows.


  1. 1995.8.16 Opening
  2. Setsunai Omoi (せつない想い)
  4. A master of ceremony [1]
  5. Yappari Daisuki (やっぱり大好き)
  6. Jounetsu (情熱)
  8. A master of ceremony [2]
  9. Romance ni Byouyomi (ロマンスに秒読み)
  10. Ten Tama Set medley
    • Dakara Kiss Again (だから KISS AGAIN)
    • Iikodeha Irarenai (いい娘ではいられない)
    • Anata no Umi he Tsuretette (あなたの海へつれてって)
    • Iikodeha Irarenai (いい娘ではいられない)
  11. A master of ceremony [3]


  1. Pretty Pretty medley
    • Nakimushi no Mermaid (Acc Ver.) (泣き虫のマーメイド)
    • Nakimushi no Mermaid (泣き虫のマーメイド)
    • Akegata no Yume (明け方の夢)
    • Nakimushi no Mermaid (泣き虫のマーメイド)
  2. A master of ceremony [4]
    (include FUNNY DANCE)
  3. Furaretanante Omottenaikara (ふられたなんて思ってないから)
  4. Koibitotachi no Crying Rain (恋人達のクライン・レイン)
  5. Shitsuren Zen'ya (失恋前夜)
  6. Love Wing
  7. A master of ceremony [5]
  8. Yume no Basho he (夢の場所へ)

This is a two-CD box containing 106 minutes of the Hummingbird Final Live. It even included the talk session between songs, so I don't think there is much cut from the concert. But the volume of the crowd seems to be toned down.. i.e. the crowd was much louder at the concert.

The cover of the CD has a picture of the five girls in their white outfits on the stage in the background. Then there are five "closeup" pictures on top of the background.
The top of the back cover has the song list, and the bottom has a picture of the five girls in their blue (Shiina Hekiru), red (Kusachi Fumie), pink (Mitsuishi Kotono), green (Tamagawa Sakiko), and yellow (Amano Yuri) outfits.

There is a 24 page booklet with color pictures from the concert and lyrics to the songs.

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