Hummingbird Nekkyou no "Live"

Hummingbird 熱狂の "裸・Eve"
Summer Aviation Tour '93

released 1993.11.24
2500 yen

This is a live CD by the seiyuu group Idol Boueitai Hummingbird.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Opening
  2. Love Wing
  3. Rainbow Forces
  4. Master of Ceremonies 1
  5. Koibitotachi no Crying Rain (恋人達のクライン・レイン)
  6. Anata no Umi he Tsuretette (あなたの海へつれてって)
  7. Master of Ceremonies 2
  8. Dakara Kiss Again (だから KISS AGAIN)
  9. Akegata no Yume (明け方の夢)
  10. Master of Ceremonies 3
  11. Nakimushi no Mermaid (泣き虫のマーメイド)
  12. Romance ni Byouyomi (ロマンスに秒読み)
  13. Master of Ceremonies 4
  14. Setsunai Omoi (せつない想い)
  15. Yappari Daisuki (やっぱり大好き)
  16. Furaretanante Omottenaikara (ふられたなんて思ってないから)
  17. Love Wing
  18. [Omake 1] Hummingbird Mini Drama
  19. [Omake 2] Aburamushi Dance
  20. [Omake 3] TOTOBENKI

This CD is a recording of the Idol Boueitai Hummingbird Summer Aviation Tour 93 concert that was held on 1993.08.28 (Saturday) at the Kudan Kaikan Hall. There is also a video (and LD) of this concert, but a few songs have been left out from it.

The lyrics booklet has many monochrome photos of the concert. All the lyrics are marked with the singers, as most of the songs have solo parts and group parts.

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