IDOLM@STER Master Special 04 Yukiho, Takane

IDOLM@STER Master Special 04 Hagiwara Yukiho Shijou Takane

released 2009.05.13
2200 yen

This is a song and talk CD featuring characters from The IDOLM@STER, Hagiwara Yukiho (Ochiai Yurika) and Shijou Takane (Hara Yumi).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Alright (Yukiho)
  2. Flower Girl (Takane)
  3. Talk 01
  4. Kaze to Kumo to Watashi (Yukiho)
  5. Yasashii Ryoute [Japanese ver.] (Takane)
  6. Talk 02
  7. Over Master (M@STER VERSION) (Yukiho)
  8. Colorful Days (M@STER VERSION) (Takane)
  9. Talk 03
  10. Shiny Smile (REM@STER-B) (Takane, Yukiho)
  11. Talk 04
  12. L O B M (Yukiho, Takane)
  13. Alright (original karaoke)
  14. Flower Girl (original karaoke)
  15. Bonus Talk Track