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  • THE IDOLM@STER Station! Favorite Talks


    released 2013.07.17
    3048 yen+tax

    This 2 CD set contains recordings for the seiyuu radio show The IDOLM@STER STATION, hosted by Numakura Manami (沼倉愛美), Hara Yumi, Asakura Azumi (浅倉杏美).

    In addition to the radio recordings, there are also some new recordings and some audio from a public recording event.

    There are also several vocals mixed in.

    The tracks are as follows.

      Disc 1
    1. Opening Talk
    2. I-Sta! Favorite Talks Part.1
    3. Love is Over [Numakura Manami, Hara Yumi, Asakura Azumi]
    4. I-Sta! Favorite Talks Part.2
    5. My Graduation [Numakura Manami, Hara Yumi, Asakura Azumi]
    6. ぬー級空手道場 FINAL [new talk]
    7. Hinageshi no Hana [Numakura Manami, Hara Yumi, Asakura Azumi]
    8. I-Sta! Favorite Talks Part.3
    9. Ichinensei ni Nattara [Numakura Manami, Hara Yumi, Asakura Azumi]
    10. 千日前の姉 YUMI のフォーチュンカード FINAL [new talk]
    11. Train Tain [Numakura Manami, Hara Yumi, Asakura Azumi]
      Disc 2
    1. I-Sta! Favorite Talks Part.4
    2. Neraiuchi [Hara Yumi]
    3. アサクラ式妄想恋愛相談室 FINAL [new talk]
    4. Get Wild [Numakura Manami]
    5. I-Sta! Favorite Talks Part.5
    6. Deatta Koro no Youni [Numakura Manami, Asakura Azumi]
    7. Short Conto [new talk]
    8. 1/3 no Junjou na Kanjou [Numakura Manami, Hara Yumi]
    9. I-Sta! Favorite Talks Part.6
    10. Romance no Kami-sama [Numakura Manami, Hara Yumi, Asakura Azumi]
    11. Ending Talk

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