Entrance (岩男潤子)

Pony Canyon PCCA-00978
released 1996.07.19
3000 yen
total time 45:31

This is the third solo album by Iwao Junko (岩男潤子).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. 太陽のくに (Taiyou no Kuni)
  2. 夜明けの French Kiss (Yoake no French Kiss)
  3. 運命のエントランス (Unmei no Entrance)
  4. 三日月(クレッセント)の誘惑 (Crescent no Yuuwaku)
  5. あなたを忘れたい (Anata wo Wasuretai)
  6. 勘違いの輪舞曲 (Kanchigai no Ronde)
  7. 鳥篭姫 (Torikagohime)
  8. 追憶のエチュード (Tsuioku no Etude)
  9. 晩夏 (Banka)
  10. ねこ曜日 (Neko Youbi)
The lyrics booklet contains a lot of color pictures of Junko. She looks more mature in these pictures than any previous ones.

The themes of these songs about the feelings of a 26 year woman, and all of the songs are written by popular female song writers.

my opinions

This CD is very different from Hajimemashite. There are no cute songs, but it's still great to listen to because of Junko's great vocals.

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