kimochi (岩男潤子)

Pony Canyon PCCG-00417
released 1997.09.19
3059 yen

This is the fourth solo album by Iwao Junko (岩男潤子).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Dream Dream
  2. はじめてのさよなら (Hajimete no Sayonara)
  3. 好きな人がいるの (Suki na Hito ga Iruno)
  4. 風のジャンヌ (Kaze no Janne)
  5. おひさま (Ohisama)
  6. Shippo
  7. あそびにいこうよ! (Asobini Ikouyo!)
  8. パタパタ (Pata Pata)
  9. May Storm
  10. 翼になれ (Tsubasa ni Nare)
  11. ここにいるよ (Koko ni Iruyo)
This CD was produced by Taniyama Hiroko, and most of the songs were written by her. But Junko wrote some of the lyrics and music also. Junko wrote the lyrics for Pata Pata, and wrote the music for Suki na Hito ga Iruno and Koko ni Iruyo.

There are lots of nice pictures of Junko in the lyrics booklet.

The songs are a mix of slow and fast songs, but most of them are slow and have great vocals by Junko.

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