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  • Coccarda

    Shukufuku no Campanella Character Song Album Coccarda

    released 2010.08.25
    2500 yen

    This CD contains character songs and monologues for the TV anime Shukufuku no Campanella (祝福のカンパネラ).

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. わたしのからだも、あたたかいですか? (talk by Kadowaki Mai )
    2. みらくるみらい (song by Kadowaki Mai)
    3. もういっかい、ってあの… (talk by Koyama Kimiko)
    4. 魔法それとも愛の魔法? (song by Koyama Kimiko)
    5. できれば、私の事を (talk by Imai Asami)
    6. 清らかな誓い (song by Imai Asami)
    7. なんか…照れるね? (talk by Mizuhashi Kaori)
    8. 夢よ、ひらけ! (song by Mizuhashi Kaori)
    9. ここは愛を語ったり、色々とピーな事を (talk by Tortia Company)
    10. 夢のpreparation (song by Tortia Company)
    Track 9 talk by Yunohara Ari and Gotou Mai. Track 10 song by Yunohara Ari, Gotou Mai, Yasumoto Hiroki.

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