Private Wing

Private Wing

released 2010.03.17
1260 yen

This CD contains the opening and ending songs to the Nintendo DS and PS2 game Strike Witches.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. private wing [Ishida Youko]
  2. Bookmark A-head [Chiba Saeko, Asano Masumi]
  3. Bookmark A-head [Hanazawa Kana, Sanpei Yuuko]
  4. private wing Original Karaoke
"Private Wing" is the opening to both games. Track 2 is the ending to the Nintendo DS game, and track 3 is the ending to the PS2 game.

Songs by Ishida Youko, Chiba Saeko, Asano Masumi () [Takei Junko], Hanazawa Kana (߷) [Suwa Amaki], Sanpei Yuuko [Nakajima Nishiki].

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