Strike Witches Himeuta Collection 1

Strike Witches Himeuta Collection 1
Miyafuji Yoshika & Sakamoto Mio Artist: Fukuen Misato, Chiba Saeko

released 2009.03.18
2500 yen

This CD contains vocals and some talk for the characters of the TV anime Strike Witches.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Zenryaku, Ichiban Aitai Hito he (Fukuen Misato)
  2. Himeuta Talk 1
  3. Takanome [falcon eyes] (Chiba Saeko)
  4. Himeuta Talk 2
  5. Bookmark Ahead (Chiba Saeko)
  6. Joudan CM
  7. Bookmark Ahead (Fukuen Misato)
  8. Himeuta Talk 3
  9. Prismatic Shugi (Fukuen Misato, Chiba Saeko)
  10. Himeuta Talk 4
  11. Ryoshuu (Chiba Saeko, Fukuen Misato)
  12. Himeuta Talk 5
Talk and songs by Fukuen Misato (ʡԤΤ) (Miyafuji Yoshika) and Chiba Saeko (Sakamoto Mio).
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