Hontou no Watashi

Hontou no Watashi (Kasahara Hiroko)

Warner WPC6-8242
released 1996.11.10
3000 yen
running time 40:11

This CD is a solo album by Kasahara Hiroko (޸).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Interlude-1
  2. Ayashii
  3. Burabura shiyou
  4. Mikuro
  5. Interlude-2
  6. Okosanai kisu
  7. Jibun katte de gomen nasai
  8. Kyarameru iro no moufu
  9. Interlude-3
  10. Sotto yoru ni nakou
  11. Hotto hito iki

Photographer/make-up artist/fashion consultant should all be shot. Hiroko-san looks terrible in the photos in the booklet...

I really enjoyed this album a lot. Hiroko-san sings in soft nasal voice, almost whispering. It's very different from her normal voice and doesn't really show off her clear voice but it's not bad. Upbeat songs on the whole, except for track 8, which is a very nice soft slow "unplugged" song. Tracks 2 and 10 are the best, and she sounds very kawaii in track 11. Definitely recommended... Few things beat Hiroko-san crooning in your ear. ^_^

[information and comments provided by Ivevei Upatkoon]

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