Memories -The Best Selection-

Memories -The Best Selection- (Kasahara Hiroko)

Warner WPCL-706
released 1992.11.18
2900 yen
running time 56:43

This CD is a solo album by Kasahara Hiroko (޸).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Itsuka kimi to... (New Version)
  2. Kimi o mamoritai
  3. Koi ni NO RETURN!!
  4. (New Version)
  5. Tenkyuugi no namida (New Mix)
  6. EXIT~kanashimi wa tsurete ikanai~
  7. Boku wa itsu demo LONELINESS (New Mix)
  8. Amaoto wa chopin no shirabe '90 (New Mix)
  9. Ihoujin '90 (New Mix)
  10. Eien no omoi
  11. YOU & ME
  12. Distance (New Mix)

Some very nice pictures in the booklet. I think Hiroko-san looks best in this wavy hairstyle.

A collection of the best songs from her previous albums. It's rather old, but there are a lot of good songs, although the album is a bit on the slow side. Tracks 1,2 and 7 are excellent. Track 11 is a good fast song. The other songs are also enjoyable, but not outstanding. Recommended.

[information and comments provided by Ivevei Upatkoon]

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