Sayonara ga Kuretano ha

Sayonara ga Kuretano ha (Kasahara Hiroko)

Warner WPC6-8039
released 1994.06.25
2900 yen

This CD is a solo album by Kasahara Hiroko (޸).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Taisetsu na jikan
  2. Shinema-hureeku
  3. Natsu monogatari
  4. Shonen no koro o sagashite
  5. Sayonara ga kureta no wa
  6. Ame wa tomaranai
  8. VOCAL ga naiteiru
  9. Itsuka kitto
  10. Tokubetsu na asa (ALBUM MIX)

Probably the best picture ever taken of Hiroko-san is in this booklet...

Not a bad CD, but not a great one either. Most of the songs are rather lackluster, with the very pleasant exceptions of tracks 5 and 8. Track 8 especially made the CD for me. What a beautiful song... Hiroko's voice is excellent as usual, and I think this is probably the most sexy song you will ever hear her sing (which is not saying much).

[information and comments provided by Ivevei Upatkoon]

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