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  • Bokura no Best da, Onee-chan

    僕らのベストだ,お姉ちゃん (井上喜久子)

    Pony Canyon PCCG-506
    released 1999.08.18
    3364 yen

    This is an album containing Inoue Kikuko's best songs.

    The first pressing of this CD comes with a cellular phone strap (green color) with a little figure of Wendenyan. Wendenyan is yellow.

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. がんばって負けないで (Ganbatte Makenaide)
    2. 僕らの味方だ, お姉ちゃん (Bokura no Mikata da, Onee-chan)
    3. どうぞよろしくね (Douzo Yoroshikune)
    4. 星空経由で届けたい (Hoshizora Keiyu de Todoketai)
    5. ウェンデにゃんのうた (Wendenyan no Uta)
    6. チョキの神さま (Choki no Kamisama)
    7. おかえりなさい (Okaerinasai)
    8. しあわせタンバリン (Shiawase Tambourine)
    9. 合い言葉はしあわせ (Aikotoba ha Shiawase)
    10. あなたのために出来ること (Anata no Tame ni Dekirukoto)
    11. どうしよう仮面のうた (Doushiyou Kamen no Uta)
    12. ウェンデにゃんのクリスマス (Wendenyan no Christmas)
    13. うしろ向きのスキップ (Ushiromuki no Skip)
    14. Doki Doki ウェンデにゃん (Doki Doki Wendenyan)
    15. 優美なおさかな (Yuubi na Osakana)
    16. ポケットに隠した手ぶくろ (Pocket ni Kakushita Tebukuro)
    17. ゆうびんポストのサンデー (Yuubin Post no Sunday)
    18. 卒業〜graduation (Sotsugyou -graduation)

    The lyrics booklet has several nice pictures of Kikuko wearing a light beige and navy blue Wendenyan vest. These vests have a little picture of Wendenyan sewn on it.

    And.. you can even order these vests! 3800 yen each, and comes in sizes S, M, and L. The colors available are navy and beige. You must order before 9/18. Shipping is 500 yen.

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