Ruri Iro Aquarium Selection


Media Remoras MRCA-20087
2500 yen
released 1996.05.17
total time is around 74 minutes.

This CD is a talk CD by Inoue Kikuko (井上喜久子), done in a format of a radio show.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Opening Talk (オープニングトーク)
  2. Oneechan ni Kike- (おねぇちゃんにきけぇ〜)
    1. '95-10/14
    2. '96-1/5
    3. '96-2/2
    4. '96-2/16
    5. '96-2/16
    6. Furikaeri Talk (ふりかえりトーク)
  3. Theater Aquarium I ('96-2/9) (シアターアクアリウムI)
  4. Konna Seihin ha Iyada & Ureshiii (こんな製品はいやだ&うれしい)
    1. '95-10/27
    2. '95-10/27
    3. '95-10/27
    4. '96-3/15
    5. Furikaeri Talk (ふりかえりトーク)
  5. Oshuuji no Mori I (お習字の森I)
  6. Automatic Story Maker (オートマティック・ストーリメーカー)
    1. '95-11/3
    2. '95-11/3
    3. '95-12/22
    4. '95-12/22
    5. Furikaeri Talk (ふりかえりトーク)
  7. Theater Aquarium II ('96-1/5) (シアターアクアリウムII)
  8. Fushigi no Kuni no Aquarium (不思議の国のアクアリウム)
    1. '95-11/24
    2. '95-11/24
    3. '96-2/23
    4. Furikaeri Talk (ふりかえりトーク)
  9. Ochabatake Tsumiko Returns (お茶畑つみこリターンズ)
  10. Guest to Issho! (ゲストといっしょ!)
    1. Sasaki Nozomu-san ('95-12/8) (佐々木望さん)
    2. Iwao Junko-san ('95-12/15) (岩男潤子さん)
    3. Inoue Yayoi-san ('96-1/12) (井上弥生さん)
    4. Sasaki Nozomu-san II ('96-3/1) (佐々木望さんII)
    5. Chiba Shigeru-san ('96-3/8) (千葉繁さん)
    6. Furikaeri Talk (ふりかえりトーク)
  11. Oshuuji no Mori II (お習字の森II)
  12. Christmas Special Live! ('95-12/22) (クリスマス・スペシャルライブ!)
  13. Theater Aquarium III with Junko Iwao ('95-12/5)
    シアターアクアリウムIII with Junko Iwao
  14. Ending Talk (エンディングトーク)
The CD comes in a cardboard box. The front cover has a monochrome, super large closeup of Kikuko's face.

The back cover is a monochrome picture of Kikuko resting her head down on a table. (It's a distant shot.)

The CD comes with a 28 page, color picture booklet. This booklet has many pictures of Kikuko (many of them full page, closeups) which were taken for the jacket pictures of the previous Manbou Housoukyoku and Ruri Iro Aquarium CDs. Some of the pictures had not appeared in the previous CDs.

The foldout booklet for this CD has many monochrome (black/white) and yellow tinted (with a filter?) pictures of Kikuko at the radio station. In some pictures, she's reading postcards, in other pictures, she's posing in other parts of the Bunka Housou building.

This CD is a compilation of the funny and best parts of Inoue Kikuko's radio show Ruri Iro Aquarium. There is a little bit of new talk included.

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