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  • Mizuumi

    みずうみ (井上喜久子)

    Pony Canyon PCCG-484
    released 1999.03.17
    3059 yen

    This is the 5th solo ablum by Inoue Kikuko (with songs).

    The tracks are as follows.

    1. Anokoro (あのころ) [album version]
    2. Kotae ha Koko ni (答えはここに)
    3. Shiawase Waltz (しあわせワルツ)
    4. Asu ha Asu (明日は明日)
    5. Mizuumi (みずうみ)
    6. Douzoyoroshikune (どうぞよろしくね)
    7. Kimi no Uta (きみのうた)
    8. Haru no Poka Poka (春のぽかぽか)
    9. Shall We Step in the Rain?
    10. Haru (春)
    11. 1 mm no Shinpai mo.. (1mmの心配も…)

    Almost all songs on this CD are slow or medium ballads. The songs and lyrics are either written by Inoue Kikuko, or Okazaki Ritsuko, or both.

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