Wanted! For The Love

Wanted! For The Love

released 2009.11.11
1200 yen

This CD contains the second ending song for the TV anime Needless.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. WANTED! for the love [Needless Girls]
  2. Watashi ha Juice de Coconut (錄ϥ塼ǥʥå) [Killer Girls]
  3. WANTED! for the love -House in the meee!mix-
  4. WANTED! for the love (OFF VOCAL)
  5. Watashi ha Juice de Coconut (OFF VOCAL)
Songs by Needless Girls, made up of Kitamura Eri (¿¼), Katou Emiri (ƣΤ), Gotou Saori, Makino Yui (ͳ), Chihara Minori (Τ) and Killer Girls, made up of Iguchi Yuka (͵), Shindou Kei, Taketatsu Ayana (ã).

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