Shimoda Asami Fan Kansha CD Link
下田麻美ファン感謝 CD Link

released 2013.02.27
1470 yen

This CD contains talk and songs by Shimoda Asami (下田麻美).

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Talk 1 Good Morning..
  2. [song] I never lose
  3. Talk 2 Idouchuu (移動中)..
  4. [song] 彼方の涙
  5. Radio Talk (guest Akesaka Satomi)
  6. [song] Link!
  7. Talk 3 Good Night..
The lyrics booklet is 8 pages all color, and contains many small photos of Asami. Asami is wearing pajamas, a high school uniform, an apron over one piece, and a green sweater over brown shirt.

In track 5, Akesaka Satomi (明坂聡美) appears as a guest.

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