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  • OVA AIKa ZERO Original Album FLYING KID

    OVA AIKa ZERO Original Album FLying Kid

    released 2009.11.04
    2100 yen

    This CD contains the theme songs and many tracks of BGM for the OVA Aika Zero.

    The tracks are as follows.
    1. FLYING KID (Koshimizu Ami)
    2. Dream Hunter (Koshimizu Ami)
    3. FLYING KID [original karaoke]
    4. Dream Hunter [original karaoke]
    5. FLYING KID [OVA Size]
    6. AIKa ZERO BGM (#1-Hamlet Battle) M12A
    7. AIKa ZERO BGM (#2-Battle) M13
    8. AIKa ZERO BGM (#3-Aza-Mysterious) M14A
    9. AIKa ZERO BGM (#4-Aza-Battle) M14B
    10. AIKa ZERO BGM (#5-Ridatsu) M15
    11. AIKa ZERO BGM (#6-Yuri Heya) M16
    12. AIKa ZERO BGM (#7-Uchuujin no Okagede Henbou wo Togeta Miyu) 2M06
    13. AIKa ZERO BGM (#8-ETAI) 2M08
    14. AIKa ZERO BGM (#9-Hagen Nena no Ugoki) 2M16
    15. AIKa ZERO BGM (#10-Aika Shuutsugeki) 2M18
    16. AIKa ZERO BGM (#11-Risako Fukkatsu) 2M21
    17. Dream Hunter [OVA size] (Koshimizu Ami)
    Songs by Koshimizu Ami (尡).

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