Kimi Kiss Character Song CD vol 2

Kimi Kiss Character Song CD vol 2
Eriko Futami & Mitsuki Shijou

released 2006.09.30
1575 yen

This CD contains character songs and monologue audio for the PS2 game Kimi Kiss.

The tracks are as follows.

  1. Feeling Of Love [Tanaka Rie]
  2. monologue -Futami Eriko- [Tanaka Rie]
  3. monologue -Shijou Mitsuki- [Noto Mamiko]
  4. Moonlight Serenade -Kanashimi toiu Takaramono- [Noto Mamiko]
  5. Feeling of Love (Backing Track)
  6. Moonlight Serenade -Kanashimi toiu Takaramono- (Backing Track)
Songs and monologue by Tanaka Rie () and Noto Mamiko (ǽ).

This CD was released before the TV anime Kimi Kiss Pure Rouge was aired.

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