Cotton Colour

Cotton Colour (三石琴乃)

Pioneer PICA-1036
3000 yen
released 1994.07.09

This is a solo album by Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃).

The songs are as follows.

  1. TIMER
  2. Itsumo Sobani Irukara (いつもそばにいるから)
  3. My Dolphin Boy
  4. Gakeppuchi no Saki de Kuruma Tometeyo (崖っぷちの先で車止めて)
  5. Oboeteite (覚えていて)
  6. Moeru Blue ni Shite (燃えるブルーにして)
  7. Tuururara (トゥルララ)
  8. Sunkyuu! (太陽×9)
  9. La Lune Rouge
  10. Omoide (追憶)

The CD comes with a 28 page color booklet, which contains the lyrics and many pictures of Mitsuishi Kotono. Also the first edition of the CD comes with a color sticker of Mitsuishi Kotono. [sticker]

Kotono says..

Itsumo Sobani Irukara is a song about saying, "I'll be here when you need me" to a younger boy. Oboeteite is about the experience of a close friend. Her boy friend went to a college far away and she went to see him off at the airport. Gakebbuchi no Saki de Kuruma Tometeyo and La Lune Rouge are about the raw feelings of girls. I thought those songs were cool.

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