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  • Yasashii Otanani Narutameni

    優しい大人になるために (三石琴乃)

    Pioneer PICA-1094
    3000 yen
    released 1996.03.22

    This is a solo album by Mitsuishi Kotono (三石琴乃).

    The songs are as follows.

    1. 10 Nen Tattara (10年たったら)
    2. Itai Meni Aitai (痛い目にあいたい)
    3. Anatani Naritai (あなたになりたい) [New Version]
    4. Anatade Nakuteha (あなたでなくては)
    5. Mirai de Mitsuketamono (未来で見つけたもの)
    6. Bath-time is Happy-time
    7. Atarashii Seikatsu (新しい生活)
    8. Anoni, Poke Bell no Natta Umide (あの日, ポケベルの鳴った海で)
    9. Akirekaeruhodo (あきれかえるほど) [New Version]
    10. Yasashii Otanani Narutameni (優しい大人になるために)

    The first pressing comes in a cardboard box case (the pictures on the cardboard box are the same as in the plastic case) and contains the following goodies.

    • A 20 page color booklet with lots of pictures of Kotono (in a tropical island)

    The lyrics booklet has several color pictures too.

    The songs Anatani Naritai and Akirekaeruhodo have been released as Kotono's second and third CD singles.

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