Dirty Pair Flash 2 Original Soundtrack

Dirty Pair Flash 2 Original Soundtrack

released 1995.07.01
2800 yen

This CD contains vocals and BGM for the OVA Dirty Pair Flash 2.

The vocal tracks are as follows.

  1. Thrill ni Koisite (video size version) [Matsumoto Rica]
  2. Ai wo Arigatou [Kouda Mariko]
  3. Flowers in Your Heart [Matsumoto Rica]
  4. Omokagebashi [Ono Kenichi]
  5. Kimi ga Daisuki (video size version) [Kouda Mariko]
Songs by Matsumoto Rica (), Kouda Mariko (Ԣĥޥ), Ono Kenichi.

The lyrics booklet contains interviews with Rica and Mariko, which have monochrome photos of the seiyuu. There is also a small color photo of the two seiyuu together.

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