Happy! Happy! Happy!

Happy! Happy! Happy! (國府田マリ子)

Konami KICS-7601
released 1996.07.24
3000 yen

This is a solo album by Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子).

The songs are as follows.
  1. Doushiyou (どうしよう)
  2. 9 Gatsu no Natsuyasumi (9月の夏休み)
  3. Watashiga Tenshi Dattara Iinoni - Album version -
    私が天使だったらいいのに〜Album version〜
  4. Binzume no Uchuu (びんづめのうちゅう)
  5. BAND de Wakeari (BAND でワケあり)
  6. -Message- (〜メッセージ〜)
  7. Sobani Iteyo (そばにいてよ)
  8. Kanojo ga Irunoni (彼女がいるのに)
  9. My Best Friend
  10. Hoshifuru Namida no Yoruno Kanata (星降る涙の夜の彼方)
  11. Happy! Happy! Happy!
The lyrics booklet is full color, and contains many nice photos of Mariko.

[comments below by Joe Petrow]

I held off buying this album for a long time, because I didn't like my last Kouda Mariko purchase (Pure) at all. But I do like her single "Watashi ga Tenshi dattara ii no ni", so I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did, this album rules!

Or rather, I should say that this album rocks. There a couple of obligatory slow songs, but for the most part it's lots of fast songs. And I can't believe it myself, but all of them were done very well!

"Dou Shiyou" is a quick, catchy song that immediately sucks you into the album. "Ku-gatsu no Natsu Yasumi" is a mid-speed song that has sort of a du-wop 60's feel to it. "Watashi ga Tenshi dattara ii no ni" is a great fast love song; I can see why it was chosen to be the single from this album. "Binzume no uchuu" is a weid, funky song with lots of voice distortion, but is somehow very catchy. "BAND de wakeari" just jams. It's a song about a band, that starts off sounding kinda like Aretha Franklin's "Pink Cadillac", but starts to rock like some B-52's song.

"~Messeji~" is Kouda Mariko's impersonation of Alannis Morrisette. And it is a darned good one! Makes me want to see her cover a real one. "Soba ni Ite yo" is the first song that can really be called slow, and it seems a little out of sorts here. "Kanejo ga iru no ni" picks right back up. It kinda reminds me of the Ranma OAV opening song. "my best friends" starts like a slow song, but this picks up soon, and holds it for six minutes! "Hoshifuru Namida no Yoru no Kanata" is a slow song, but doesn't last even three minutes. And the title song is a genki way of telling us to be "Happy! Happy! Happy!"

There isn't a song on here I don't like, and most of them I like a whole lot. If you are a seiyuu fan, I guarantee that you will like this CD. But I was surprised to find that her current single, "Yume ha Hitori Miru Mono ja nai" is not on here. Oh well.

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