Yorinuki Kouda Karuta

Yorinuki Kouda Karuta

not for sale
AnimeV reader present
released 1997.10.00

This card and CD package featuring Kouda Mariko (國府田マリ子) was a mail-in present for the readers of Anime V October 1997.

This is a set containing a CDsingle and a box of cards (karuta).

The CD single has 46 tracks (one for each letter of hiragana) to play the game of karuta. The box of cards has 46 cards (one for each letter of hiragana) and 4 extra blank cards. The "back" of each card has a different color photo of Kouda Mariko. The "front" of each card has the message (letter of hiragana) to be used for karuta.

There are some very nice photos of Kouda Mariko on these cards.

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